Co.Metal, experience and reliability in industrial building


Co.Metal was founded in 2007 inspired by its founder, Walter Marin, to make use of forty years’ direct experience in the industrial installations field.

Thanks to his reputation which is based on concrete results, Mr. Marin has been able to work for the leading Italian and foreign companies, with installations in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Romania, Monte Carlo and Africa.

Personale specializzato

Hence, Co.Metal specialises in the installation of aluminium curtain walling, doors and windows and metal casings.

The company can count on a work force of forty specialist employees, including highly qualified site managers who can manage large teams, ranging from specialist personnel to porterage.

Edilizia industriale

Alongside Walter Marin, his son Alessandro and the site managers Giorgio Bellese and Mauro Solazzo have been with him for over twenty-five years. Their professional contribution is evidence of their loyalty, consistency and ability to pursue Co.Metal’s aims as a team.

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