Co.Metal: installation of curtain walling all over the world

Co.Metal deals with all the steps of the installation of a wide range of walls: with uprights and crossbeams, modules, structural and semi-structural, walling with point fittings and stone walling.

From unloading the materials on the ground to storing them in situ, even dealing with the cleaning of the site after the assembly operations, Co.Metal’s qualified personnel deals with all the details of this type of work.

Due to its great experience built up in the field, Co.Metal is also able to offer wide reaching consultancy to all its customers. This relates both to finding the cheapest and most functional construction methods and the technical solutions for making the installation simpler, quicker and safer. The main effect is reducing the production and installation costs.

But the advantages do not end here. Co.Metal stands out due to the remarkable flexibility of its corporate structure. In fact, when necessary due to the timescales or dimensions of the works, it can count on the contribution of external personnel with whom it has built up a reliable and professional partnership over the years.

In the event of installing curtain walling abroad, Co.Metal also deals directly with any selection of specialist local labour, when it is not possible to use Italian personnel.

Co.Metal can also count on a trustworthy team of suppliers who provide all the machinery needed for the installation and maintenance of curtain walling, from self-erecting and telescopic construction cranes to vertical platforms of all sizes, as well as fork-lift trucks and scaffolding for works at height.

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