Co.Metal: your first partner for installing doors and windows

Over the decades of business, the Co.Metal personnel has developed great expertise in the installation of doors and windows.

Co.Metal efficiently performs all the installation stages, from unloading the material to storing it, right up to the site cleaning after the work has finished.

All the operators are trained in the use of site machinery, including fork-lift trucks and telescopic fork-lifts for unloading and distributing materials, electric and diesel platforms for lifting personnel at height, the use of cranes and battery-powered electric suction pads for installing glass and panels, and the use of laser tools for levelling and sealing, optical precision tools like optical levels and theodolites.

Co.Metal focuses specifically on safety in the door and window installation stages. In fact, the staff are constantly updated on all the legislation in force in this area and periodically undergo training courses, such as: courses for supervisors, site safety courses, courses on the use of PPE, first aid and fire prevention courses, courses for managers of workers, the use of slings for loads, the use of 3rd category PPE and courses for working at height.

Co.Metal guarantees professionalism, reputability and efficiency for the installation of high quality doors and windows.

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