Co.Metal takes care of your works over time

As well as the installation of curtain walling and doors and windows, Co.Metal also offers the possibility of maintenance agreements both for the buildings that it has installed personally and structures built by third parties.

Thanks to its decades of experience in these fields, Co.Metal can provide both routine maintenance for doors and windows, their replacement and that of similar parts, and extraordinary maintenance. Extraordinary maintenance includes the complete replacement of glass and doors and windows both on ground level and at height and the replacement of modules and glass panels of all sizes, at any height.

The Co.Metal personnel are professionally trained in the use of the most modern machinery for the installation and maintenance of curtain walling and doors and windows, as well as the practices for operating safely in sites, always with respect for legislation in force.

Due to the flexibility of the company, Co.Metal can tackle special requests in terms of the timescales and size of works, making use of external personnel for porterage, all of proven reputability and professionalism.

Co.Metal also offers its customers complete consultancy on the choice of the production and installation techniques of the components, so as to make the work quicker, safer and especially cheaper.

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